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Helpful Tips For First-Time Travel Nurses

Travel nursing is a great way to explore new places, meet different and new people, and gain valuable clinical experience.

Total Nurses Network wants to help you prepare for your first assignment as a travel nurse if you are an RN. That is why we have compiled a list of things that every first-time travel nurse should be aware of.

Continue reading for advice on how to get off to a great start in your travel nursing career!

  • Organize and Plan

Looking for a great travel assignment becomes much easier if you are organized and prepared. Check that your records, license, and any other relevant documents are current.

Applicants are interviewed and screened by all travel nursing companies. Being well-prepared for your interview will increase your chances of landing the job.

Please keep in mind that most travel nursing agencies will not place RNs with less than one year of clinical experience.

  • Flexibility is The Key

Many RNs choose travel nursing because it allows them to practice on their own schedule. However, because of their inexperience, first-time travel nurses are not always assigned to the top of their list.

Try to keep an open mind about the places, environments, and facilities where you’d like to work. Once you’ve gained travel nursing experience, you’ll be able to be more selective.

  • Make Contact with Your Recruiter

Your recruiter at Total Nurses Network is here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about your assignment.

Your recruiter can assist you in finding housing before your assignment begins. If you have any serious problems with your living arrangements, your paycheck, or your schedule while on assignment, contact your recruiter right away.

Please keep in touch with your recruiter to let them know how things are going during your assignment. You’re not alone; we’re here to help!

  • Prevent Excessive Distractions

Travel nursing is an excellent way to expand your horizons and try new things. However, it’s critical to prepare for success on your first assignment.

Think about going somewhere close to home or where you already have a network of friends or family. Check that your living situation will not put you in a stressful situation, such as a lack of sleep or safety.

Try to keep distractions to a minimum so that you can focus on your first assignment and enjoy it.

  • Packing Tip: Be Strategic

Packing for any trip can be a challenge. However, there are numerous ways to simplify packing for your assignment.

Acknowledge that most travel nursing assignments last 8 to 13 weeks. Make a list of the necessities and try to stick to them. Consider items that you can purchase once you arrive in your new location, such as shower curtains, trash cans, and other household items.

Packing efficiently will allow you to spend more time settling into your new home and preparing for your first day.

  • Make a Good First Impression on the First Day

Making a good first impression will assist you in performing well on your first assignment.

Arrive early on the first day to demonstrate the initiative and become acquainted with the facility. Alternatively, go above and beyond and request a tour of your unit before you begin your assignment.

Making a good first impression will assist you in making a smooth transition into your new environment, which will benefit both you and your coworkers.

  • Be Approachable

The staff may have been stretched to their limit before you arrived. Keep this in mind as you begin your new assignment, and do everything you can to demonstrate that you’re willing to help.

Don’t be afraid to inquire. Thank my coworkers for their assistance. Discuss your teammates’ interests and favorite restaurants in town. Alternatively, bring snacks or coffee to everyone before your shift.

While some employees will appreciate the extra assistance on the floor, others may take a little longer to warm you up. Treat everyone with the same level of respect, whether you adore all of your coworkers or just a few of them.

  • Give It Your All

Travel nursing necessitates dedication. Prepare to give it your all once you’ve settled into your new role.

Your new assignment’s location is worth exploring regardless of where you go. Be open-minded, learn about the local culture, and participate in local activities that you genuinely enjoy. Make new friends, plan a day trip, and invite your loved ones to join you!

Additionally, commit to learning everything you can at work. Develop your skills as a travel nurse and take advantage of the incredible opportunities that travel nursing provides.

Start Your Travel Nursing Journey with Total Nurses Network

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