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Travel Nursing vs. Staff Nursing: Advantages and Disadvantages

Nurses are in great demand around the country, and there are several career routes available to RNs. It might be tough to choose between travel, per diem, local, and staff nursing because each has its own advantages. RNs must prioritize their requirements in order to discover the proper route, but Total Nurses Network is here to help!

We are happy to assist nurses in their courageous job, and it is our objective to offer them meaningful, successful, and professional clinical experiences.

Total Nurses Network comprises nurses and other skilled healthcare providers that respect compassionate caregivers. We collaborate closely with healthcare institutions to understand their clinical requirements to make optimum and efficient nurse matches. We work diligently to help you find the nursing career path that is right for you.

Nursing Career Options: Advantages and Disadvantages 

Travel Nursing Advantages 

Travel nursing provides numerous advantages if you want a good salary, scheduling flexibility, and diversified work experience.

  • Choose your own working hours, both daily and weekly.
  • In many circumstances, higher hourly pay rate.
  • More variation in your work environment
  • Travel to various areas
  • Reduced risk of burnout
  • Diverse job experience; increased confidence in using your education in various contexts.
  • Take on extra shifts to supplement your income.
  • It is never necessary to work certain holidays.
  • Vacation time can be taken whenever and for whatever length you wish.
  • Less participation in navigating workplace politics
  • Training may be obtained from a variety of sources.

Travel Nursing Disadvantages 

  • Contract availability may change.
  • Must be able to swiftly adapt to changing facility protocols and patient demands.
  • Shifts are subject to potentially unforeseen staffing demands; available shifts fluctuate.

Staff Nursing Advantages

  • Weekly earnings are predictable.
  • Options for PTO.
  • Knowledge about coworkers and patients.
  • Workplace policy and protocol onboarding and learning processes have been streamlined.
  • Shifts are guaranteed.

Staff Nursing Disadvantages

  • Less flexible scheduling; frequent overnights and weekends are necessary.
  • Supervisory and facilities management has been given more duties.
  • Hourly wages might be reduced.
  • Less freedom in requesting time off; may be limited to shorter periods of time.
  • Obstacles to traversing the workplace hierarchy.
  • It is possible that you will be forced to work on holidays. 

Total Nurses Network Can Help You Advance Your Career 

Our purpose is to provide nurses and healthcare workers with the resources and opportunities they require to succeed. Begin your journey with Total Nurses Network right now! Apply now!

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