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Travel Nurse Tips: 10 Ways to Make it Through Night Shift

If you are a travel nurse that is about to start working in a night shift setup, it is very much important to be prepared with proper strategies to be ahead of the game while everyone is quietly asleep.

We will be sharing with you some tips to help you keep through the night. With these tips, you can quickly focus on your night shift, motivate and be great!

  • Start with a Consistent Sleeping Schedule

Staying healthy through enough rest is a relevant thing to stay fit and energize for a night shift.  It may seem difficult for shift workers to maintain a solid sleep schedule, but as much as possible, try to be consistent. This makes it easier for you to fall asleep and wake up and reduces the chance of falling while you are awake.

As much as possible, put restrictions on the use of electronic devices before going to bed and if you can, invest in using blackout curtains that can help make the room cozy and will make it easier for you to fall asleep.

If you accept the new schedule, you can develop a working routine. Once you’ve decided which sleep plan is best for you, stick to it. Irregular sleep leads to poor health, stress, and mistakes at work.

  • Dedicate Your Bedroom Only For Sleeping

If you are using your bedroom other than sleep, such as working watching television or simply using your desktop or laptop, it is might as well need to look for other room dedicated for those things. Your bedroom should only be for sleeping purposes.

Simply using your bedroom for sleeping only, will surely help your mind’s association between “bedroom” and “sleep”. If you’re awake and have difficulty falling asleep, move to another room and try something else until you’re tired and able to try again.

  • Do Night Shifts Succeedingly

If it is possible for you to work in night shift consecutively, do it. This will help in maintaining a solid pattern when it comes to eating and sleeping. That will help you further make yourself energize and ready for an all-nighter.

If you work continuously at night, you can enjoy your holidays instead of supplementing with sleep.

  • Always Stay Hydrated

Due to the nature of work, medical professionals may find it difficult to maintain hydration. However, drinking water is essential for keeping your physical and mental health in good condition.

Consider bringing a water bottle wherever you are so you can be hydrated all throughout your shift.

  • Put Your Attention to Your Patients

While many hospitals can have quiet hours at night, some patients may require more care and assistance at night. Use fewer visitors, diversions, and quiet time to focus on your patient.

Staying focused and keeping to details to provide extensive care to your patients overnight is a very useful way to keep your attention to them and this will also show your initiative as a team player.

  • Stay Fit Through Exercise

Proper exercise will help the body produce endorphins, which are basically our bodies’ energy boosters. And that will give you enough energy you will be needing for the night shift.

Exercising has a significant impact on one’s alertness. If you don’t have time to exercise before the shift, there are ways to incorporate it into your work schedule. Simple lunge steps, wall-sits, and stair climbing are great ways to stay active while you work.

  • Adjustment on Your Rest Days

It is really tempting to change your routine during a day off, however, changing it may surely destroy the sleeping and eating schedules that your body has been used to for the whole week.

If you stay up for a long time before starting the first night shift of the week, your body clock will be disturbed and your energy levels will be adversely affected.

Eating at irregular intervals can affect your metabolism in a negative way, and prevent it from functioning efficiently and at its best.

  • Eat only Healthy Foods During Shift 

Aside from proper exercise, eating healthy foods is another way to keep our bodies energized, and it is most beneficial to people who are intended to work overnight.

You might want to consider eating foods that are high in healthy fats and protein, with few calories. You may also eat foods with natural sugars and fiber. Avoid eating those that are high in sodium and additive sugar as it can give you a quick boost, but you will gradually crash down.

  • Getting Training and Education

There are many resources available to support the prosperity of night shift workers. Organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offer professionally created online courses for professionals like you.

These night shift pieces of training offer a profound strategy for your professional and personal life designed to maximize your performance and minimize your stress.

  • Always Spend Time with Family and Friends

Most people in the world work during the day, so it’s difficult to get in touch with doctors who work at night. Nonetheless, it is very vital to spend part of your time with your family and friends.

Having a great social life affects your well-being positively, which will then affect your physical and mental health. This will then allow you to have a longer and happier career as a nurse.


Now that you are aware of things you can do to step up your night shift game, it’s time to initiate it! Start your nursing career with Total Nurses Network

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