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Tips for Nurses to Overcome Conflicts

As a nurse, you probably know that conflicts will always occur. In this case, it is important to prepare.

Conflict is unavoidable whether you work as a travel nurse or a part-time nurse. And getting dispute resolution tools is the best way to achieve an efficient and effective resolution.

Read from start to finish for tips on managing and resolving conflicts.

  • Maintain Your Cool

The first step in successfully resolving any conflict is to remain calm.

Your reaction to a developing conflict will either escalate or de-escalate the situation. Take a step back and look at the issue. Remind yourself that the conflict cannot and will not be resolved right away.

  • Manage Your Emotions

Controlling your emotions lowers your chances of offending others through misunderstanding.

Your voice tone and body language have a great influence on how others perceive you. Avoid raising your voice or pointing out other non-verbal clues that you are angry, upset, or do not want to compromise on.

This process is often self-fulfilling-simply trying to control your emotions relieves any anger or frustration.

  • Exercise Active Listening

Active listening is a method of conversing that requires effort and concentration; it demonstrates to the speaker that you are interested in what they are saying.

To actively listen, the listener observes the speaker’s verbal and nonverbal cues, acknowledging the speaker’s point of view without passing judgment. The listener separates the problem from the person, viewing the conflict as a naturally occurring set of circumstances rather than a problem caused by a flawed individual.

Listening to others in this way shows respect for their thoughts and feelings and greatly increases the chances of effectively resolving the immediate conflict.

  • Keep Away from Criticizing Others

Criticizing others creates roadblocks to conflict resolution. Always be considerate of the thoughts and feelings of others who are involved in the problem-solving process.

Be willing to compromise if you want to reach a resolution that reduces the likelihood of future conflict. Compromise isn’t always easy, but it’s the only way to ensure that the conflict doesn’t reoccur.

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