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Tips for Accelerating Your Nursing Agency Application

You will enjoy the perks of earning additional money, avoiding tedious routines, and having control over your work schedule as an agency nurse. Working in a variety of settings will also allow you to meet new individuals.

Isn’t it fantastic?

Total Nurses Network has developed simple guidelines to assist you speed up your application process when applying to a new nursing agency and get you started right away!

  • Professional Work Experience

This will differ depending on the clinical area applied for. However, you must have at least 6 months of experience within the previous two years.

Overseas candidates must have at least one year of work experience in the United States.

If you have worked in this nation for less than 5 years, you will need to get an overseas police check as well as an overseas reference from your employer.

  • ​Folder for Documentation

Keeping a folder with all of the relevant nursing documentation will save you a lot of time when a nursing agency wants them. This will also assist with your Revalidation.

Qualification/registration proof, identity documents, CV, PVG certificates if applying in Scotland, training/compliance records, vaccination records, job contracts, and letters might all be maintained in this folder (e.g. Most recent council tax bill, bank statements, and evidence of name changes, etc).

  • References

You must give references for three years of work experience, including one from your present workplace, according to NHS employer requirements. You will frequently be requested for two clinical references from nurses in a higher band than you.

  • Address Verification

Verify that all proofs of address are originals. No online bills/statements, for example. Above all, this was mandated by the home office.


If you’re a Community Nurse, Registered General Nurse, or Emergency Nurse Practitioner interested in working as an agency nurse for a premium nursing agency, apply today!

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