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Reasons To Should Consider Contract Nursing in Your Neighborhood

When people think of contract nursing, they generally think of a travel RN who moves across the country from one remote place to another. While traveling is appealing to some RNs, contract nursing is not a one-size-fits-all profession. Many nurses are accepting employment at facilities in their local communities. Local travel nursing is a developing area of the contract nursing industry, and there are several reasons why certain RNs find it appealing.

  • Prevents Travels That Saves Time and Money

Traveling provides fantastic experiences, but it is more expensive than staying at home. Contract nursing in your hometown saves money by eliminating long car trips and airfares (not to mention being more eco-friendly). The nomadic travel RN lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and one significant advantage of sticking close to home for your next contract is that you don’t have to spend all that time packing your life into a carry-on and a checked bag and finding short-term lodging every few months.

  • Easy Access To Friends And Family

When asked why they picked contracts in their hometowns, travel RNs frequently indicate that being close to friends and family was the most important factor. Contract nursing near home eliminates the need to miss a family gathering (though you may still use work as an excuse if you don’t want to go). Travel nursing on the road may occasionally lead to feelings of loneliness, and some RNs would prefer the stability of their community to a new group of coworkers every 13 weeks. A local contract comes with a built-in group of known faces, which is a terrific reason to work in your community.

  • Location Familiarity

Contract nursing in your neighborhood also allows you to be close to all of your favorite locations. Do you miss your favorite pizza restaurant from your childhood? It’s only a short distance away. Are you looking forward to seeing your favorite local band? They’ll be hitting your local bar next Tuesday. A local contract nurse has access to all the creature comforts of home. Local contract nursing is becoming increasingly popular in the travel RN community due to familiarity. Not to mention, contract nursing in your hometown allows you to visit new places in your city or state…nothing there’s like being a “tourist” in your own area!

  • Allows You To Determine Whether Travel Nursing Is For You

If you are new to the contract nursing industry and are unsure whether a travel job is suited for you, starting with a contract in your hometown is a fantastic opportunity to get experience while staying close to home. You may still make money as a travel nurse while living close to home, and the experience will help you determine if you’re ready for a travel job.

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