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How To Make Self-Care A Priority During Your Nursing Assignment

As you settle into your new travel assignment, practicing self-care will help you adjust to your new schedule and provide you with the energy you need to face your new clinical environment and explore your new city! Self-care is also an important aspect of avoiding burnout and weariness, so keep reading for some pointers on how to flourish on your task.

  • Considering taking a breath outside the workplace.

Working long hours should not have an impact on your mental health. Try to take short breaks outside while working, even if just for a few minutes, to get some fresh air and refresh your thinking.

There will be shifts that are too hectic for breaks, and it is critical that you include time outside, either before or after your shift, to combat mental tiredness. Take a brief stroll to unwind from the day or before your shift to ensure you arrive feeling refreshed.

When looking for time to get outside on a work day becomes difficult, take advantage of your days off and attempt to spend more time outside. Explore the outdoors in your new location by going on a long trek or doing yoga in a park. This time will assist you in getting away from the tension of your workdays.

  • Before going to bed, meditate.

When working long hours, sleep is essential for both your body and mind. It may feel easier to fall asleep to the TV at times but meditate instead to ensure a thoroughly comfortable night’s sleep. There are meditation applications, such as Calm, that are simple to use before going to bed.

While you’re at it, organize your space to help you sleep better. Blackout curtains or an eye mask might help you sleep well at night or throughout the day. Another useful technique for blocking out the world and allowing your body and mind to relax is white noise.

  • Add greens to your diet.

Our nutrition has a greater impact on our body and mind than we frequently realize. One green thing every day is a simple method to focus your self-care. Eating a salad for lunch or making a smoothie before your shift is vital since you never know what you’re going to walk into. Whatever happens throughout your shift, at least you have one nutritious food item to help you feel good and nourish your body.

  • Make time for it.

It is easier said than done to practice self-care. It is simple to claim that you will apply a face mask or read before bed every night, but the things you wish to do every day may not happen every day. Make time for the things that will take care of you.

Setting aside this time and sticking to it will help you focus on the most important aspects of self-care. You take care of people all day, so take some time out of your day to prioritize your own needs.

  • Make a buddy date.

Time alone is a terrific way to recharge in between shifts, but a date with a friend may also be beneficial. If your new job has separated you from your buddies, actively plan FaceTime dates to stay connected and share your day with someone you care about. This is especially useful if you are on your first travel assignment or in a new place.

  • Do the thing you’ve been putting off.

It may not be what you want to hear, but doing what you have been avoiding can be a kind of self-care. So, go to the dentist, file your taxes, clean your bathroom, pay that parking ticket, fold your clothes, or whatever else you don’t want to do. Checking the bothersome chore off your to-do list can make you feel better than letting it weigh on your mind and keep you up at night. So put on your favorite music and groove out while folding your laundry to cross that chore off your mental to-do list.

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