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How to Make More Money As a Travel Nurse

As a travel nurse, you will have access to schedule flexibility, adventure, and professional growth. Furthermore, travel nurses are in high demand throughout the country and are frequently well compensated. But did you know there are ways to increase your earnings?

Continue reading our list of ways to increase your earnings as a travel nurse!

      1. Consider Per Diem Nursing.

A typical travel nursing contract lasts 8 to 13 weeks. Because of higher pay rates and shorter contracts, travel nurses frequently have the opportunity to pursue other interests or spend more time with friends and family in between assignments. Picking up extra per diem shifts, on the other hand, is a great way to earn more money while you’re waiting to start your next travel nursing assignment.

      2. Keep Multiple State Licenses

As all registered nurses are aware, obtaining a state license is both expensive and time-consuming. Obtaining more than one state license, on the other hand, may be worth the extra fees and processing times. 

Having multiple state licenses will give you more job opportunities. You can also be more selective and keep your options open for higher-paying out-of-state assignments when they arise.

      3. Contract Extenders

It’s critical to provide exceptional clinical experiences to patients and healthcare institutions if you want to maximize your travel nurse salary. When you perform well, your assigned facility is more likely to offer you a contract extension. If your pay rate is high, an extension could mean a significant increase in your salary.

      4. Acquire More Qualifications/Specialization

The demand for specialized RNs will only grow as the Covid-19 pandemic continues and the country’s aging population grows. Pursuing education and becoming more specialized will help you earn more money as a travel nurse.

      5. Rapid-Response and High-Demand Assignments

Rapid-response travel nurses are registered nurses who volunteer to begin travel assignments on short notice. These positions are frequently available as a result of nurse strikes, staffing issues in remote locations, natural disasters, or seasonal increases in inpatient census.

Rapid and demanding deployments provide the opportunity to pay more and assist patients and institutions in urgent need of a clinician.

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