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How to Avoid Being Alone While Travel Nursing

Nothing beats exploring a new location on your own. Moving throughout the nation fully unfettered is one of the most thrilling aspects of travel nursing. Many travel nurses, however, describe missing their friends and family back home and feeling lonely.

Humans are fundamentally sociable animals, so feeling lonely in a new area is totally normal. While there are numerous activities and locations to visit on your days off, as a new traveler, it may seem frightening or odd to accomplish these things on your own. Here are some strategies for avoiding loneliness while on a travel nursing assignment and making the most of your contract.

Examine Social Media Groups and Applications

Several nurses on assignment utilize social media and apps to meet new individuals who share their interests. The dating app Bumble offers a “BFF” feature where you may meet prospective new pals. It’s simple: you create a profile, specify your interests and personality type, then swipe till you find a new companion to explore your new city with. A significant bonus is that if you meet someone who has lived in the city for a while or grew up there, they can tour you around and help you get acquainted with the place.

Facebook groups are also excellent places to meet new people. There are several groups for persons with special interests who live in your new location. 

Participate in a Local Recreational Sports Group

Rec leagues are fantastic venues to meet new people and prevent loneliness on a vacation nursing assignment if you’re more of a “Sporty Spice.” Adults can participate in recreational sports leagues at the beginning, intermediate, and competitive levels in a variety of athletic games.

Simply search rec sporting leagues in your new location to see what’s available. There is a league for everyone, whether you enjoy bowling, volleyball, baseball, or even kickball. Recreational sports are wonderful for bringing people together, and you’ll have a great time connecting with your team.

Attend a Class

Signing up for different classes is one of the finest ways to establish friends in a new place. This piece of advice is fantastic since it gives you the choice to choose what sort of class or classes to take. Classes naturally bring people together around whatever activity ignites your interest, whether it’s painting, dancing, improv, or working out. Attending a class on a regular basis will allow you to surround yourself with a steady group of individuals, which will help you come out of your shell. This will typically help you form new connections or, at the absolute least, teach you a new skill or expose you to a new passion.

Contact Your Coworkers

Being outgoing and approachable at work is one of the greatest methods to make new acquaintances and prevent loneliness when on a travel nursing assignment. Consider this: you already share a similar interest with your coworkers: nursing! Not to mention that you already have everyday interactions with them.

You could always ask them to watch a sports game or go to that excellent local brewery after work, in addition to sharing meals with them in the break room. Nurses have a specific affinity with one another that can only be formed while on the job, thus reaching out to colleagues is typically a breeze.

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