I can’t log into my TNN app.

Please send an email to [email protected] for any TNN app or Paylocity issue. Please include your name, the location of your TNN office and a description/screenshot of the error.

How can I confirm my time slip has been received?

If you uploaded your time slip via the TNN app, you will receive a confirmation when the time slip has uploaded. You may also glance at the time slip tab in the app and an image of a picture will be next to the date worked.

How can I see my paycheck stub?

Please log into your Paylocity account to see your paycheck stub and w-2’s.

How much is instant pay or next day pay option?

Free, TNN does not charge any fees for instant or next day pay.

I cannot report to my scheduled shift.

Please call the office immediately. We are aware situations may arise. We require four hours’ notice, but the more notice we have, it is more likely that we can replace your shift for the client.

I lost my TNN work badge.

Please contact your office immediately for a replacement badge. We have local offices open until 5 p.m. to pick up a replacement immediately, if needed.

I am moving near another TNN office, can I transfer to that location?

Please contact your current branch manager to help facilitate transferring your credentials and introducing you to the other TNN office staff.

I am at an assignment, and I am being sent home early.

Please call the office and speak to a staffing coordinator. Never leave a facility until you connect with the office.

I received a text about a shift that does not look familiar.

Please call your office immediately and speak to a staffing coordinator or branch manager.